Hello Virtual Clubs community. This is the last time I will ever be saying that. BUT WAIT! It's not a bad thing.
After a few months of thinking about it and genuinely putting lots of time and thought into it. I created a side project called VPC or Virtual Pro Clubs my idea was to try and simplify what VC has become.
Although VC has been great for a long time I feel it's our time to Re-Brand and have a fresh start. This wasn't done lightly and I can promise you that this was a very hard decision for me.

What does this mean for me?
Ahh well nothing other than you will be getting a fresh start too. No Trophies, no history a fresh start for everything. You will be able to come over onto the new website and use the website. Become a manager and re-create your legacy. I hope to create with VPC a gaming environment that not only makes your lifes easier but makes your clubs experience more enjoyable.

Over the past 9 seasons of Virtual Clubs, I have played every single season.
I can promise you that it has been a really rocky ride and one of the greatest times of my life. With meeting new people and bagging a few trophies here and there.
It's not over and I hope you don't think it is. Virtual Pro Clubs is my new home, and hopefully will be all yours.

What is VPC?
Virtual Pro Clubs is a Midweek website that plays on the same days as Virtual Clubs and even has the same staff team.
The only thing that's actually different is that it's Run a lot more professionally and staff team pride themselves in doing so.

For more information regarding Virtual Pro Clubs please click here: http://www.virtualproclubs.co.uk

Your Proud Founder


PS- VC is officially closed as of Today and http://www.virtualproclubs.co.uk is our new home.
Please enter the correct password to access this website.